Privo Restaurant is the place where you can relish your senses with exquisite, carefully selected dishes and drinks . The elegant ambience and culinary culture propose an international cuisine interpretation using the best ingredients, the local flavors, in a contemporary fashion.

The restaurant features a capacity of 180 seats and proposes a high-end international à la carte menu as well as the possibility of organizing personalized corporate or private events, thematic presentations, ethnic cuisine and various tastings. The menu offers our guests fresh, organic, seasonal local or worldwide ingredients to complete the restaurant’s distinguished menu. Culinary inovations find their place on our weekly menu, the taste of the duck breast with cranberry sauce and the Cacao Barry chocolate mousse will enchant everyone’s mouth palate through their finesse and subtle taste.

Opening hours : 11:00 – 23:00
Free parking for guests
Smoking area

Argentinian Beef Tournedos "Rossini" / 250g
Seared foie gras, potato cake, sautéed spinach, Shiitake mushroom, Porto wine reduction
Lamb Shoulder Roll / 250g
Braised with Mediterranean spices, couscous, sundried apricots, chick peas & vegetables
Rougie Duck Breast / 250g
Orange & star anise glazed, apples, smoked pancetta scented red cabbage, truffle infused potato croquettes & asparagus
Braised Chicken Supreme / 250g
Massam curry & coconut cream sauce, over Jasmine rice and topped with vegetables ribbons
Glazed Pork Tenderloin / 250g
Served over a bed of rosemary potatoes and stir fry vegetables
Crispy Mangalica Pork Belly Asian style / 250g
Braised pork belly, sauerkraut, potatoes cream and crispy onion
Guinea Fowl Leg Confit / 250g
Trio of beans, bacon, thyme, golden pan-fried potatoes
Argentinean Beef Fillet / 180g
Black Angus Rib Eye / 220g
Aged Sirloin Steak / 180g
New Zealand Lamb Loin / 250g
Mangaliţa Pork Chops / 220g
Asparagus Cream Soup / 300ml
With poached egg and garlic rubbed
rustic toast
Cappuccino of Shiitake Mushrooms / 300ml
Topped with mace dusted milk foam, Prosciutto chips,
Shiitake mushrooms and micro cress
French Onion Soup / 300ml
Served topped with toasted baquettes slice and Swiss La Gruyère cheese
Supă Shiro Miso / 300ml
Dashi cu pastă Miso albă, tofu, ceapă verde
şi alge de mare
New England clams chowder soup / 300ml
Clams meat, onion, potatoes, celery,
bacon and corn
Gianduja Roche / 100g
Hazelnut praline, milk chocolate, 64% dark coverture,
almond and forest fruits
Calamansi Lemon & Tart / 100g
Lemon curd, mandarin gel, tart crumbs, merengue,
raspberry and mint
Purple Sunset / 100g
Black currant & sun ripped mango mousse
Chocolate Meolleux / 100g
Soft centered single origin chocolate cake served with Thai vanilla ice cream
Forest Berry Panna Cotta / 100g
Thai vanilla infused Panna Cotta topped with rum soaked forest berries, strawberry foam, pistachio sponge
Artisanal Ice Cream Selection / 50g
Home made natural ice cream
— Check our daily selection with your waiter
Potatoes / 150g
Baked & loaded, rosemary roasted, home cut fries
Vegetables / 150g
Grilled, Ratatouille, sauteed mushrooms
Asparagus / 100g
Sautéed spinach / 150g
Teriayaki Glazed Norwegian Salmon / 250g
Golden fried rice and buttered asparagus, lotus roots and fine micro cress
Crusted Red Tuna with Poppy Seeds / 250g
Served with red lentils, seasoned with dill and turmeric
Hot Smoked Trout File / 250g
Light truffle scented potato cream and vegetables
Steamed Halibut steak / 250g
With Jasmine rice, Hollandaise sauce with
smoked paprika and asparagus
Seared Octopus / 250g
Served with vegetables ragout, bulgur,
chick peas and parsley oil
Blackened Red Snapper & Shrimps / 250g
With sautéed green beans & capsicum, buttered mashed potatoes
and mustard cress
Branzini al Miso / 250g
Steamed sea bass file, Miso & Mirin, spicy mango relish,
seasonal baby salad, micro cress and pickled ginger
Seafood & Saffron Risotto / 300g
Mix of sea food, creamy Arborio rice, white wine, butter, topped with baby garden cress
Chicken Curry Risotto / 300g
Succulent chicken, creamy Arborio rice, green peas, sun blushed tomatoes and chives
Baby Spinach & Goat Cheese Risotto / 300g
With fresh cracked black pepper, smoked bacon simmered
with smooth fine grain rice, Parmesan & micro cress
Spaghetti “Chitara” / 300g
Black Tiger Shrimps, X.V. olive oil, garlic,
parsley and asparagus
Beef & Mushrooms Pappardelle / 300g
Succulent beef, forest mushrooms cream sauce,
topped with Parmesan and asparagus
Asian Egg Noodles / 300g
Fresh pasta with eggs, strips of chicken
and fresh seasonal vegetables
Pan Seared Foie Gras / 150g
Puy lentils, roasted red bell peppers, bacon, white balsamic
vinegar and Chives
Beef Steak Tartar / 150g
Fresh cutted beef prepared at table side to your taste
Ultimate Fish & Seafood Cake / 150g
Shrimps, cod, halibut, Thai red chili, green onion,
Panko with sweet chili dip
Antipasto PRIVO / 180g
Marinated vegetables, cold cuts, cheeses and olives
Smoked Duck Crispy Rolls / 100g
Julienne of smoked duck, scallion & vegetables in a crispy shell, with sweet chili dip
Fresh and Smoked Salmon Kobachi and Avocado / 150g
Red curry & sundried tomatoes, infused avocado topped with Togarasi, infused fresh & smoked salmon tartar, Julienne daikon, micro cress
Panna Cotta of fresh goat cheese / 150g
Roasted red beet, maple syrup, aged balsamic,
beet sponge and micro cress
The Caesar Salad / 150g
Romaine salad served with seasoned croutons, bacon flakes and Caesar dressing
The Caesar Chicken Salad / 250g
Romaine salad served with seasoned croutons,chicken breast, bacon flakes and Caesar dressing
The Caesar Shrimps Salad / 220g
Romaine salad served with seasoned croutons, grilled shrimps, bacon flakes and Caesar dressing
Grilled Halloumi Salad / 250g
Grilled Halloumi cheese, Kalamata olives,
baby spinach with yoghurt dressing
Warm Beef & Mushrooms Salad / 250g
Grilled beef, Shiitake mushrooms, green onion,
Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, honey peppered cashew
and Asian dressing
Vegetables “Noodles” Salad / 250g
Zucchini, carrots, red cabbage, bell pepper, green onion,
Edamame, valeriana, mixed seeds with
soy & lime dressing