About Privo Hotel

Located in a private and quiet area close to the Târgu Mureș city centre, Privo is a hotel concept where history and modernism complement each other to create an eminent style.
The hotel offers its guests exclusive rooms and apartments that will redefine comfort and design criteria.

Privo is a minimalist haven for business and all-out relaxation where design creates a warm and welcoming dialogue with the historic ensemble formed by Villa Csonka and the surrounding park.


Close to the Târgu Mureș city centre, Hotel Privo offers 40 four and five star rooms and apartments. The hotel is iconic for the new standards of hospitality and proposes a concept who brings upfront the visibility and the balances of lines, the transparent façades surprising the guest with a broad panorama of
the inner courts and their terraces.

The new hotel welcomes its guests with a modernist approach and simple, airy design where the predominance of neutral tones and colourful elements create models, view lines and a feeling that reflects the uniqueness of this place.

The restaurant, wine cellar, conference rooms and spa centre are just a few of the elements through which the hotel seeks to offer its guests the perfect symbiosis between work and relaxation.